Gold Jewelry Loan

gold jewelry loan will put cash in your hands in mere minutesIt’s no secret to the residents of Mesa, Queen Creek, Gilbert or Chandler of the inherent value that gold jewelry holds to the rest of the world.  Gold is a highly valued commodity by the entire world; dating back thousands of years.  Even in the 21st century where acquiring it has never been easier, gold jewelry is still one of the most valuable items we have.

At B & B Pawn and Gold, we’re happy to offer a fast and easy route to convert this gold jewelry into cash during times of financial disparity. B & B Pawn and Gold is well-known for employing only the best professionals in all of Mesa; you can rest assured you’re getting the most amount of cash possible.  Let’s look at how our gold jewelry loan process works.

The Gold Loan Process

It all begins when you bring your gold down to our Mesa pawn shop.  We’re more than happy to take gold jewelry, watches, rings, scrap gold, and coins.  If it’s made of gold, then we’ll get you fast cash for it with no issues whatsoever.  When you bring your gold items to our store, one of our associates will begin to inspect it.

There are two primary things that we’re looking for during this inspection: one, a stamp that indicates the quality of the gold. Secondly, we look at the overall condition of the gold jewelry. We seek the stamp in the gold jewelry because this indicates the gold’s karat; this standard of measurement indicates purities anywhere from 45% to 99% or 10 karats to 24 karats of purity.  This obviously heavily impacts the price and is an important measure.

The spot price of gold, means every thing when it turns into cash for a gold jewelry loan from B & B Pawn and GoldRest assured, as expert gold dealers, this is not the end-all decider of the price of your gold.  Our associate will always use what is known as an acid test; a test used to confirm that the purity of the gold jewelry matches what the stamp says.  In some cases, gold pieces can be found to be higher or lower than what is actually indicated.  Either way, we’ll make sure to figure it out.  Or if you have coins, rounds, ingots or any forms of bulk gold, we will utilize our Sigma Metalytics device to measure its purity.

After that, we will weigh your gold jewelry, and then look up the current spot price of gold, according to the stock market prices.  Lastly, we make you a cash gold loan offer.  Should you accept, we put cold, hard cash right into your hand and hold onto your gold throughout the duration of the loan.

What is the Duration of this Gold Jewelry Loan?

Per Arizona law, these loans are written out for a period of ninety days; during this period you can repay the interest and principal at any time to get your item back. Or, at the end of the ninety days, you can simply pay the interest and we’ll happily rewrite the gold loan for another period of 90 days.

Come See the Best Gold Jewelry Loan Maker in Town

The staff of B & B Pawn and Gold have been issuing gold loans to the residents of Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler for well over a decade making them the only experts you should see in times of financial need.  Our vault is safe, secured, insured, and monitored. We make the effort to ensure the safety of your gold jewelry. Lastly, we change our prices on a weekly basis. These weekly updates help to ensure that the price we’re paying is fair; along with being among the standards of gold pricing, you’ll find for cash loans in Mesa.