B & B Loan Buys Everything You Have!



B&B Loan buys many items and offers the best prices in Mesa for your items.

Common items we buy are:



Collectible Coins




Computers and Laptops

Cell Phones

Gift Cards


Are There Any Gift Cards You WON’T Take?

Less ‘won’t’ and more ‘can’t’ in that regard; but sadly, yes, there are certain cards we cannot take. Such cards are the major retailers of Wal-mart and Target. These two in particular (Wal-mart and Target) have proven the most difficult, so we must regretfully decline taking them. Also, the following cards are not accepted as well, as we cannot give you the full amount we are able to provide:

  • Toys R Us
  • Amazon
  • Apple iTunes
  • Starbucks

We simply don’t want to give you false hope in getting the money you need from these cards. We apologize for the inconvenience, but still encourage you visiting us with any other remaining gift cards.

Our Buying Process

While we do buy any and all items from our customers in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler, it’s helpful to know exactly how the buying process works.  So let’s begin with assuming that you bring your item(silver, gold, jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, etc.) directly to our Mesa pawn shop in person.  The first thing you’ll do is hand your item to one of our lovely associates so that we can make an appraisal.  The lovely lady(or gentleman) will do some research online, and see what the item is actually worth.  Sometimes we’ll just make you the cash offer on the spot, or sometimes we’ll ask you how much money you’re looking for.  It’s always advised to only take exactly what you need rather than the maximum amount we’re offering you as that will lower the amount you have to pay back in interest in the future.  Should you choose to accept the cash offer(or lower) our employee will inspect the item whether that’s testing electronics, verifying the authenticity of silver or gold jewelry, or just checking its condition to make sure that the pawn loan is good.  Then we’ll just collect a few signatures from you, place your item in our secured storage facility, and send you on your way with fast cash!