A Pawn shop is an interesting business model. At it’s core, you the customer are selling your items to US. We provide an offer of cash to loan or take outright, and you can choose to accept the offer or not. Every pawn shop offers this. So what makes the difference from the various pawn shops thorughout the Valley? More importantly, what makes B&B the standout above them? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

A Valley-Owned Pawn Shop vs A National Chain

The first and most obvious difference is to find out if the pawn shop comes from the Valley of the Sun or simply occupy one of the buildings. As a leader, B&B is a proud business that was founded and operated by Valley Residents. Everyday Mesa citizens that live and work in our Valley operate our store. Also, because most of our staff are locals of the area, they have a ‘lay of the land’. They know what’s the latest trend for fellow Mesa residents and know how to get them the money they need. A National Chain of Pawn Shops will hire local residents, but that store is still set to national standards. This may or may not work in the customer’s favor.

Also, they’ll try to please customers with ‘nation-wide deals’ but if the customer has lived in Mesa their whole life it doesn’t help them much.  National Chains also have tougher rules that all customers under them must obey. Failure to do so will result in loss of your item or even legal action. With us, should you not be able to pay right away, let us know and we can get you setup with repayment options. We’re not machines. We understand that things happen, but since we’re people too, we need to know so we can help.

A Pawn Shop’s Longevity and Experience

Another thing to look at when considering B&B Pawn among other pawn shops is how expereinced that pawn is. Some shops have only remained in the Valley for a few months; others a few years. B&B Pawn and Gold, to start, has been around for over a DECADE. This means we have seen the rise and fall of Mesa’s economy and have stuck with her thick and thin. Our Staff also has decades upon near CENTURIES of experience in how to get you the best value for your items. This goes to both buying and selling items in our store with prices that won’t break your wallet.

A Pawn Shop’s Selection WILL surprise you

Think of a pawn shop as a treasure chest. You won’t truly know what you are going to get until you open it up; in our case, coming inside. But there are some things you should know. As most items we recieve come from fellow Valley Residents, they will be in near new condition. That being said, we make sure you are getting quality items by doing field tests to make sure it works. We can’t in good faith sell you products that do not work. Also, you will be surprised at what you can find in our store. Perhaps you needed a TV to replace in your living room, but aren’t willing to spend the hundreds of dollars on a new one

What Does it all Mean?

Long and short, B&B is a hometown Pawn Shop in Mesa, Arizona. Our local know-how and understanding does make us a cut above the national pawn shops, and some of the local ones too. We have the experience and the business SUCCESS to get you the best value for items you pawn to us. Not to mention, when you buy from us, you save a pretty penny. We don’t wish to leave our sister cities of Tempe, Apache Junction, Phoenix and Chandler out either! Our business is for all Valley Residents so don’t hesitate to stop by today!