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B & B Pawn and Gold gives you the most CASH FOR GOLD!  As Mesa Arizona’s most established Pawn Shop, we’re committed to being the number one gold buyer.  We have 30+ years of experience in buying, selling and pawning gold, in all its luscious and tantalizing forms.  Whether it’s estate gold jewelry, scrap gold, broken, or incomplete, any and all gold is worth a shot at bringing in.

Best offers turn into cash for gold Mesa residents at B & B Pawn and Gold

How Does Our Cash for Gold Process Work?

No matter the type of gold you bring into B & B Pawn and Gold, our process for valuing your gold and getting you cash is always the same.  Four main factors play into assessing the value of your gold.  Our consistency in evaluating your gold jewelry ensures both the highest and fairest cash offers in town.  These are:

  • Purity – Termed as karat
  • Aesthetic – Refers to the style of a piece
  • WeightCalibrated scale measurement of the gold
  • Spot Price – Fluctuating market price of precious metals each day

Let’s go into a bit more detail…

Firstly, we look for a karat stamp that’s usually hidden and very tiny.  A chemical test then determines if the stamp matches the actual karat and what percent is actually gold. In this step we’re able to verify “fakes”, plating or impurities.

Karats = the most cash for gold Mesa can count on is at B & B Pawn and GoldKarat is different from Carat! Karat is for metals while Carat is for precious stones…

Aesthetic is relevant when determining the value of your gold pieces.  It is not uncommon for us to pay more than the actual karat/weight value when the piece has a desirable aesthetic.

Apparently, looks DO matter!

Another obvious factor that influences the value of your gold, is its weight.  This is measured in grams on a calibrated scale and minus any extra stones or attachments it may contain.  Prices we pay per gram of gold change daily based on fluctuations in the precious metal market.  They are different for each purity grade of gold.

Being a Heavyweight is a Good Thing If You’re Getting Cash for Gold Mesa Residents

As a final criteria, we use spot price in our cash for gold process.  Dictated by the global market gram weight price of gold, it can fluctuate daily.  It dictates the per gram rate of your payout.  We keep a close eye on the gold prices of our competitors to ensure we stay up to date.  Out of all the gold buyers in Mesa, we’re always paying the most cash for gold Mesa, per gram.

Finally the appraisal process is complete!  Next we make you a cash offer, collect a few signatures and send you on your way…money in hand!  B & B Pawn and Gold has proudly served the valleys of Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler for over a decade.  We prioritize our community by providing the best customer service.  The number one pawn shop in Mesa will always have your back when you need fast cash for gold Mesa can rely on.

Get a stack of cash for gold Mesa residents at B & B Pawn and Gold!

Wanting to Get Cash for Gold Today? Even a Quote Perhaps?

Short term low interest loans are also something we stay prepared to offer you, and another option to get cash for gold Mesa residents. Because this happens everyday at our store and we feel proud to support our community with your immediate needs.  If you’d like a more accurate quote or have any questions feel free to give us a call at (480) 610-1240.  You can also use our live chat feature!  One of our lovely associates will be glad to assist you whether in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler.