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Our eBay Auctions Mesa Page Lets You Shop From Home!

ebay auctions mesa

Whether looking for that special gift or shopping for yourself, B&B Pawn And Gold makes it easy with ebay. Welcome to our eBay Auctions page where we have chosen some of the best merchandise from the store too present to you. As you can see below we offer some of the finest quality jewelry available at the most reasonable prices around. So if you can’t make it in to the store, sit back, relax and browse our eBay Auctions page! Your purchasing experience on eBay won’t go wrong. But if it does, they have put safeguards in place to make sure you get the item you wanted oryour money refunded, including shipping. We take pride in the items we list and sell, and aim to please our customers.

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**Must be 18+ and have a valid Driver’s license. Preferred pawn loans have a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 90 days, but can be rolled over. Preferred title loans have a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 60 months. No initial loan fee, $5 police ticket fee applicable on Preferred Pawn Loans, maximum Annual Percentage Rate(APR) of 35.99% on all preferred pawn loans and preferred title loans. Check your eligibility here.**

*There is no prepayment penalty or any impact on credit for defaulting. If you default, we assume possession of the pawned item, or repossess the vehicle as a last resort ONLY.*