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We are THE Electronics Buyer Mesa trusts MOST!

electronics buyer mesa

B & B Pawn and Gold knows that everybody has some type of electronic device around out home. You cant escape it. Electronics have become an important part in our every day lives. Electronics in the form of cell phones and tablets, laptops and computers, TV’s, DVD, Blue-Ray, Video Gaming Systems and you name it. Even the tools that most contractor and carpenters use today are electronic. How about music? Electric guitars and basses, electric pianos and keyboards, electric drums and sysnthesisers. Electronics are all around us. But what do we do with our Electronic Devices after we have upgraded. We just got the lastest and greatest cell phone but what do we do with our old one? If only there were an electronics buyer around who could take this off our hands.

B & B Pawn and Gold is working hard to earn your business and becoming Mesa’s number one electronics buyer by providing our customers with the best cash offers for all of their used electronics. All you need is to be the legal owner of the electronic item you bring in and we will buy it from you. We offer the most cash for your electronics, GUARANTEED!

“So I can come down and sell my used electronics for cash?”

That’s right, as Mesa’s top Electronics Buyer you can bring in your used electronics and sell them to us for the most cash anywhere.

electronics buyer mesa

We give CASH on all electronics!

We use an aggressive pricing system that is designed to give you maximum dollar value for your items. WE ARE THE NUMBER ONE ELECTRONICS BUYER IN MESA, TEMPE, CHANDLER AND GILBERT. We pride ourselves on the ability to give you the absolute MOST cash for your items for computers, electronics, iPads, iPods, and cell phones.  NO OTHER PAWN SHOP WILL GIVE YOU MORE! Come in today for a free consultation from one of our expert employees. See for yourself just how serious we are. Not only do we give you the most cash to buy your electronics but if you are also in the market to buy either new or gently used electronics, then we are also the place that will sell used electronics at the best prices possible.

So take my word for it, whether you want me to buy your electronics or to sell my electronics, B and B Pawn and Gold is the place to be!  With over a decade of experience in the great city of Mesa, we’ve become electronics experts.  We’re the new Radio Shack of the valley of the sun, and are experts at appraising any and all electronics which means you can be assured you’re getting the most cash that anyone has to offer.  Don’t turn to Craigslist or any other pawn shop in Mesa, Tempe, or Chandler, come straight to us and we’ll beat any offers!

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**Must be 18+ and have a valid Driver’s license. Preferred pawn loans have a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 90 days, but can be rolled over. Preferred title loans have a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 60 months. No initial loan fee, $5 police ticket fee applicable on Preferred Pawn Loans, maximum Annual Percentage Rate(APR) of 35.99% on all preferred pawn loans and preferred title loans. Check your eligibility here.**

*There is no prepayment penalty or any impact on credit for defaulting. If you default, we assume possession of the pawned item, or repossess the vehicle as a last resort ONLY.*