Pawn RC Cars

Pawn RC Cars

We have all found something that we have invested not only time In, but money as well. These are our own personal treasures, that are things that we cannot bring ourselves to part with. At the same time, money is tight or just not enough of it at the moment. That is where B & B Pawn and Gold is able to help in times of need! When you need to pawn RC cars, we will make you the best cash offers for a secured loan.

*All Radio-Controlled items must be complete with Charger, Battery Pack and Remote-Control to pawn or sell!

We offer cash-to-loan on RC Cars, Trucks, Boats, Planes etc., For Example:

To Pawn RC Cars is Hassle Free!

When you bring in your RC car to pawn, you are using the value of something to borrow money against. These are also known as secured loans. We offer you an amount of cash on a loan basis, and hold your valuables only until the loan is paid back. There is no need to bring paycheck stubs in, no calls to your employer and no credit check required.

The loan amount is based on the RC Monster Trucks internal workings and its overall aesthetic appearance. Once that is considered, we can confirm the fair market value to make the best cash offer!

Upon accepting our offer, all that is needed is a valid ID and a few signatures to hand you the cash amount agreed on. It is a very quick and simple process that takes only minutes!


Paying Back the Pawn Loan

Our collateral loans are for 90 days. If paid off early, we pro-rate the interest and do not charge any penalty fees either. You are not held to any payment plan during the 90-day contract. This means that we accept payments as it goes or pay it back all at once. We also can extend the loan if needed. All that we need is the accrued interest paid to add another 90 days to pay. We can offer this as many times as needed. B & B Pawn and Gold wants nothing more than to return your Radio-Controlled Car back to you!


Add More Value and Cash to Your Pawn Loan!

Any accessories that you have for your RC vehicle will increase your cash loan. So, if you have light kits, tool kits, ramps, RC tracks, or any additions bring them with! Also, any original packaging and receipts from purchases of these all add up to more cash for a loan!