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 estate jewelry buyer mesa

What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is loosely classified as any type of jewelry that is previously owned. Many people commonly refer to estate jewelry as antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, and period jewelry. Typically estate jewelry will not be accompanied by a receipt or any sort of authenticity papers as it can very well be over hundreds of years old. This makes it very important to bring your pieces to B And B Pawn And Gold so our well trained staff can correctly appraise and authenticate your jewelry, gold, and diamonds. For more information on the history of Estate Jewelry and the various periods, see Estate Jewelry on www.wikipedia.org.

Why sell your estate jewelry?

With over 20 years of extensive knowledge within the jewelry and diamond industry, B And B Pawn And Gold hsd become one of the preeminent estate jewelry buyers and will pay top dollar on all estate jewelry. We offer free appraisals on your estate jewelry and we are able to turn your estate jewelry into cash within minutes. Don’t let these valuable items collect dust and sit in a storage unit any longer – turn them into cash! B And B Pawn And Gold is a full service cash loan collateral company and has numerous of satisfied customers who have turned to us time and time again to buy, sell, and loan against their estate jewelry, gold, diamonds, and other collectibles.

What Estate Jewelry do we buy?

As estate jewelry buyers, we are always looking for examples of fine estate jewelry as well as vintage, antique and even newer items of jewelry. There is and will always be a market for diamonds, gold and jeweled watches, gemstones of various cuts and colors, designer jewelry, flatware, silverware, gold, silver, and platinum. Whether you are selling just a few individual pieces or have entire collectioons available, our Estate Jewelry Buyer Program is ready and able to make you an offer and buy your estate jewelry.

But don’t just take this as an exclusive list, any and all jewelry we buy!  You see, what makes estate jewelry valuable can be the brand, but a lot of the time it really is the precious metals and precious gems that are in the jewelry itself.  Whether it’s designer or not, if it’s got silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, or other gems, it is worth cash in your hands!  Being experts at all kinds of jewelry, we will get you the most amount of cash for your jewelry every chance we have.  No tricks, no gimmicks, and no catches, just cash right in your hand in mere minutes.

estate jewelry buyer mesa

We are actively seeking Rolex, Tiffany, Breitling, Cartier, Audemars-Piguet, Bruguet, IWC, Patek Philippe, and ALL other major brands.