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Gold Loans Chandler

Gold is a respected source of barter throughout history. Our country was made more prosperous with this metal among other means. Most businesses in the pawning industry continue to take in gold and offer the best value that customers look for. B & B Pawn and Gold is here to remind our Chandler customers of the Gold loans that we provide for Mesa residents can also be offered to Chandler residents too. Nothing different about that at all!

How Do Gold Loans Work?

Gold Loans themselves are collateral lending with the gold you own as the bargaining chip to get cash from us. Naturally, the higher the carat in gold, the more we can offer as a loan-to-value. This is made possible by lending us this gold temporarily while you receive a loan from us.

What is the Duration of Such a Loan?

Our loan programs have a range of 90 service days. What that means is while you receive the cash from the gold you lend us, you have up to 90 days to repay the loan. That’s right; this is a loan that must be repaid. Once done, the gold is returned to you, the rightful owner. If you change your mind and want to walk away from the loan, we can use the gold as the payment.

Gold Loans Mesa Chooses For The Highest Loan Amounts

Getting Gold Loans for Gold Coins like the Gold American Eagles, and the Gold American Buffalos.

Gold Loans for Gold Bars and Ingots. B And B Pawn And Gold will give cash in hand Gold Loans using your gold bars as collateral. B And B Pawn And Gold take from the most common mints and refineries such as:

  • Credit Suisse Gold
  • Pamp Suisse Gold
  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold
  • Australian Perth Mint Gold
  • Engelhard Gold
  • Johnson Matthey Gold

There are additional types of gold bullion to consider, so visit our store today for a no-cost assessment of your gold.