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If you’re looking for fast cash by selling off that dusty diamond jewelry sitting in your jewelry box, head over to B & B Pawn and Gold for the strongest payout available in Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler.  We are most certainly the diamond buyer Mesa comes to most often.  At our pawn shop, we care about getting our customers the most cash, the most quickly.  When it comes to being a Diamond Buyer Mesa hosts the best…US!

As Your Trusted Diamond Buyer Mesa Deserves the Experts

 Firstly, we carefully evaluate your diamonds with skilled, knowledgeable staff.  Using the 4 C’s we can determine the best payout value for you to take home today.

The 4 C’s are what the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) classifies different qualities of diamonds by: cut, color, clarity and carat.  And when it comes to grading precious stones, all jewelers, worldwide, grade diamonds on the scale GIA created.

These 4 factors determine the quality of a diamond, and determines its value.  Diamonds are depicted with different hues and colors such as browns, blues and yellows. And the most rare of diamonds are considered clear or colorless. Furthermore, lapidary experts cut them into a multitude of styles like princess, brilliant, emerald or radiant.  These are only 2 of the 4 aspects considered when figuring the value of your diamond.

B & B Pawn and Gold is your diamond buyer Mesa knows and trusts to receive the most cash possible!

Our Jewelry lender takes all types of diamond jewelry.  Almost always, no piece is too big or too small.  Whether your diamonds are set in gold, silver or platinum jewelry or as loose stones, B & B Pawn And Gold takes them all.  If your diamond jewelry is brand new, vintage, recently bought, never worn or enjoyed for years.  Whether a small pair of diamond stud earrings or that special rare 10ct diamond from Tiffany’s, all of it fits the bill.  Lower and higher values alike, we’re who you come to.  Not only do we offer hassle-free financial relief to our customers, we also pay premiums for signed jewelry.

We Also Take in Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry!

Colorful, Stone, Rings, Cabochon, Gemstones, Gems can also get you cash from your diamond buyer Mesa residents!

Rubies – Citrine Emeralds – Aquamarine – Sapphire – Amethyst

As Your Local Diamond Buyer Mesa Residents, We Buy and Sell for You to Save Your Time and Patience

In addition to diamond jewelry, B & B Pawn And Gold also takes semi-precious stone pieces!  We are your most reliable diamond buyer Mesa, but we’re also willing to take a chance on your colored stones!  Are your semi-precious stone jewelry pieces collecting dust?  Bring them in!
We buy and sell jewelry items in a wide variety of styles such as: diamonds, watches, colored gemstones, designer jewelry, gold, silver, and platinum.
As if diamonds, colored stones and precious metals weren’t enough, we also take in estate jewelry.  We’re ready to loan top dollar on your estate jewelry as well.  Just bring it in for our friendly staff to look at, and we’ll get you on your way to quick cash through buying it or making you the best loan offering in Mesa.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the store in person.  Using our friendly and responsive live chat feature can be your first step.  When you’re ready to let go of your diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry or otherwise, we’ll be ready to buy it from you! For the most cash, visit B & B Pawn And Gold and get a free, no obligation quote for your diamonds today!