Pawn Miter Saw for Cash on a 90 Day Loan

Pawn Miter Saw for a cash loan at B & B Pawn and GoldThere is no better place to go when you want to pawn miter saw than B & B Pawn and Gold.  Because we know how well power tools, like miter saws, retain their value.  In addition, power tools are one of the most popular items that come through our pawn shop.  So consequently, it is our expertise to recognize the value in your miter saw and offer the most cash possible to you.  So, come on down with your miter saw and see how fast our offer becomes cash in your hands.

The Valuation to Pawn Miter Saw

Our process of assessing items at B & B Pawn and Gold is quite simple.  We begin with examining the exterior of power tools to see how well they have been maintained.  After that we will power on the power saw and ensure that every thing is in good working condition.  Finally, we will review the current market value of the item and then present you an offer.  Whether or not you accept our offer on a pawn loan, the assessment is free of charge.  Because we are quite confident that our offer is hands down the best over our competition.

Why Choose a Pawn Loan?

The answer is simple.  Pawn loans are a hassle-free way to get the cash you and time to pay it back.  There is no credit check, no requirement to provide a proof of income and no waiting for a loan approval.  In addition, a collateral loan keeps your valuables safe and never charges penalties or fees for early payment.  Because when you pawn miter saw, the loan is based on the value of your tools.  Therefore, the more that it’s worth, and the better the shape it is in, the more cash it is going to put in your pockets for a short-term loan.

Terms of Our Pawn Loans

loans 710849 640If our offer is accepted, we will need a few things to complete the agreement to pawn miter saw.  First, we will need your current and valid Arizona Driver’s License or ID, followed by a few signatures.  After that, we will count out the cash amount agreed on directly to you.  The entire process can take as little as 10 minutes, and you leaving with the cash you needed quickly.

At B & B Pawn and Gold, our pawn loans are for a total of 90 days.  Once the loan is paid in full, we return your belongings back to you the same day.  During the 90 days, you are more than welcome to come in and satisfy the loan.  In fact, if you pay the loan in full prior to the 60th day, you will receive a redemption discount.  Therefore, lessening the amount due and out of pocket cost to you.

However, if you find your self unable to pay off the loan by the 90th day, come in and talk to us.  With paying only the interest that has accrued to date, we can rewrite the loan for another 90 days.  Because our goal is to help you with your cash needs, not cause you more stress!

The Pawn Shop Mesa Trusts!

For over a decade, B & B Pawn and Gold has helped Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert residents get the cash they need. Whether you are looking to sell, pawn or buy quality items, we are the pawn shop that Mesa residents know they can trust!  So, come on in and see all of the services our pawn shop has to offer when you pawn miter saw at our store!