We Pawn Fine Watches Mesa locals love to wear at B and B Pawn and Gold!

pawn fine watches mesa

The phrase ‘time well spent’ takes on a whole new meaning and spin when you can pawn your fine watches with us at B and B Pawn and Gold! The beautiful timepieces that you have in your possession can get you the money you need in a flash when you come to our Pawn Fine Watches Mesa Store in B and B Pawn and Gold. Here we take all manner of fine crafted and respected watch brands from Rolex to Breitling and more. Simply stop by and our staff will gladly answer any questions you may have in regards to the watches we would consider taking.

So what kind of payout are we talking here?

The payout for Fine Watches varies by brand and (SOMETIMES) condition. When you pawn fine watches, you get an average loan payout of:

Rolex – up to $35,000
Cartier – up to $12,000
Omega – up to $4,500
Patek Philippe – up to $175,000
Breitling – up to $20,000
Breguet – up to $100,000
Panerai – up to $30,000

Do I have to have a Rolex, Cartier or Patek Philippe to get a Watch Pawn Loan at the Pawn Fine Watches Mesa Store?

Absolutely not. While we Pawn Fine Watches Mesa residents have come in to offer their own watches for a pawn cash loan, which means that we offer you cash on any watch that has a 14KT to 22KT case or band. In fact, we can give you a watch pawn loan on just the watch casing or even if the watch is broken, we have a watch pawn loan available for you. But understand that those particular watches MAY net you more money…just a thought.

 pawn fine watches mesa

So how does a Pawn Loan work at B and B Pawn and Gold?

Pawn Loans work as with any other loan, but our loan time frame is 90 days. Bring in your watch to start and we would hold it for that length of time while you get the money you need in minutes! During that time, you get a chance to pay off the loan or just the interest to extend the time frame for an additional 90 days. If you simply wish to part ways with the item once and for all, just wait for the 90 days to end and simply forfeit the watch as payment for the loan. That’s how easy it is to get a loan from us here at the Pawn Fine Watches Mesa Store in B and B Pawn and Gold!

We will always pay you more cash if you bring the original box and papers for your collectible watch!

Bringing the watch by itself will get you cash, but if you want the MOST Bang for your buck, bringing in the original box and papers in near-mint (if not MINT condition) will get you MUCH more from our Pawn Cash Loans. If you have the original invoice for the watch, bring it in. It will assist us in authenticating the timepiece and speed up the process.

If you have fine watches and need the extra cash that a Watch Pawn Loan can provide then we recommend that you bring your watch to our Pawn Fine Watches Mesa Store so that one of our courteous and trained professionals can provide you with a free appraisal. After just a few minutes you could be walking out with the money you need from a watch pawn loan.

 B and B Pawn and Gold is full service Pawn Shop that serves the Cities of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert for all of their pawning needs. Stop in and get the cash you DESERVE in our Pawn Fine Watches Mesa location in B and B Pawn and Gold!