silver buyer mesa

B & B Pawn And Gold is the valley’s most dominant Silver Buyer.  If you have Bars, Coins, Ingots, Jewelry or Scrap Silver, we’d like to see it.  We’ll also offer you the most money for it guaranteed!  We also buy gold and platinum, for these three are all precious metals.  As the Silver Buyer Mesa trusts, we’re confident you’ll be more than happy to do business with us!

Being a silver buyer, we take most minted/stamped silver bullion bars.  This includes Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, Pan American, Pamp Suisse, Sunshine and others.  We are positioned to buy (and sell) almost any 925 silver our customers are ready to let go of.  We offer cash for silver on the spot.  Our buying ability welcomes silver coins like 1 Ounce Silver Rounds, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, US Silver American Eagle, US Silver Buffalo and Australian Silver Bullion coins.

Our Silver Buyers at B & B Pawn And Gold take in any quantity of 90% Silver pre 1965 US coins.

From $1000 Face Value bags to $10 Face Value lots. Including  Silver Peace Dollars and Silver Morgan Dollars. We will also buy anywhere from 1 ounce to 1,000 ounce Silver Bullion bars

But it doesn’t stop there. We will pay cash for Sterling Silver, Statues and Statuettes, Jewelry in any shape, size or condition and anything else that you might have.

silver buyer mesa

If you think it’s 925 silver, bring it in for a FREE APPRAISAL!

Bring in anything you believe to be silver.  Our expert appraisers give it a look and test it for free to determine its authenticity.  Within moments we’re able to make you a cash offer. We can say with confidence, it’ll be higher than any other buyer in the area.

At B & B Pawn And Gold, we pride ourselves on the fact that our appraisers have the knowledge and integrity to valuate your silver. Consequently, the current silver market values dictate this to a large degree. So if you have any silver lying around whether as coins, bars, ingots, or even old and broken pieces of silver jewelry, bring them in to B & B Pawn And Gold today.

A bit of detail on how our silver buying process works:

As explained above, we first verify the authenticity of the silver.  We do this in two ways.  Firstly we look for a stamp that the producer typically places somewhere on the inside of the jewelry.  Secondly, we perform an acid test where we collect some silver flakes to see how it reacts to the acid.  Lastly, we weigh the silver jewelry, scrap or coin to determine the gram weight.  Depending on the current silver spot price, we adjust our rates accordingly per gram so that you get the most bang for your buck.

We want to be your silver buyer! If you’re in a pinch and have silver sitting around behaving useless, bring it in to get the fastest cash payment available in Mesa, Tempe or Chandler.  If you have questions regarding your presumed silver, you can also start by using our live chat feature to find out more from us. Come see at at B & B Pawn and Gold to get you out of a financial bind and find relief within your community.