Pawn Your iPhone for Cash at B & B Pawn and Gold in Mesa

space gray iPhone X on blue surface

We often forget how valuable our phones can be since we seem to get a new one every few months.  Pawning a mildly outdated iPhone is something that takes only minutes to complete at B & B Pawn and Gold.  Our pawn shop in Mesa is on the SW corner of Main and Stapley.  We’re ready to offer you a cash pawn loan for your iPhone! It’s the easiest fastest way to get the fast cash at a pawn shop you can rely on.  Proudly serving the townships of Mesa, Chandler and Tempe we’re always working hard to ensure you’re getting the cash you need quickly.

Apple Inc. has changed the way technology does business and they rapidly release new versions of their hallmark iPhone.  As a result of this their signature product will forever hold some degree of historical value.  This makes them a safe bet to exchange with us for fast cash.  They also have a high resale value which almost ensures you a higher payout.

So What’s Required to Pawn an iPhone?

Any iPhone can be pawned with just the charging cord and/or brick.  This allows us to test the iPhone on site to make sure there are no significant impairments.  Next, we want what’s called an ESN.  This is a unique number assigned to each phone and keeps track of them. This is in case it’s been reported stolen by a previous owner or if you’re still making payments on the phone. If either the case, it will labeled it as “dirty”. All pre-arrangements need to be settled. We won’t be able to resale phones like this and more than likely the device will be confiscated by local authorities.  Most of the time it’s not an issue, but if you’re curious about the ESN there’s many websites available to find out.  Swappa is one example.

Last relevant issue, is the iCloud.  It is necessary to log out of iCloud before we can pawn your iPhone.  Why?  Well, because of the iCloud’s ability to lock the phone remotely from a computer.  If the phone were to become locked for whatever reason it would become useless once in our possession.  That means the whole purpose of the collateral loan gets defeated and subsequently trust is broken.  If you aren’t able to do this before heading into the shop, we’re more than happy to assist you in removing it on the spot.  Don’t worry logging out — your personal data is always stored by Apple Inc. You’ll be able to log right back in as soon as you get it back to a source for it.