Looking for things nearby is a constant challenge for a customer, regardless of business. Too far away and it loses benefit in traveling that distance. So we at B&B Pawn and Gold would like to state we are the Nearest Pawn Shop for your needs.

Nearest Pawn Shop to Stapley Stop in MesaNearest Pawn Shop on Main Street & Future Light Rail Stops

Main Street is the major thoroughfare of Mesa. This much is clear. And B&B sits on the corner of Main and Stapley Drive. This makes us ripe for those that take the Light Rail. As this street will get additional stops for residents, we’ll be an ever more notable place for people needing money quickly.

The Nearest Pawn Shop From a Local Bank

There’s a bit of irony when you consider we’re the nearest pawn shop to a bank. The particular bank is that of Bank of America. Now you have two sources of getting the income you need (thanks in large part to our pawn loans). Also, if the lines in the bank are a bit long to get the money you need, we’re open around the exact same hours and our process can be done as little as five to ten minutes. At most, it would be about an hour, depending on how many items you wish to offer for a pawn loan.

The Nearest Pawn Shop to Discount High End Electronics

A pawn shop with incredible prices, and lay-away to make valuable items more affordable! B & B Pawn and Gold is the best and nearest pawn shop in East MesaAlong the Shopping area we’re a part of there are several thrift and discount stores. Traditionally, these stores offer small items at reasonable prices; however, nothing amongst these items screams out High End products. That’s where we come in. Our selection of TVs, Computers, and high tech gadgetry will round out your shopping lists. Why break the bank with your money when you can get high-quality pre-owned goods at more reasonable costs? It’s like getting MORE for LESS!

Being a pawn shop gives us a competitive edge among our peers. It also helps to show that we’re the nearest pawn shop to most major aspects of business and shopping. It goes to show how much we offer to our residents here in Mesa; this also extends to her sister cities of Tempe, Gilbert, Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale and all across the Valley. So come to the pawn shop that has been trusted for over a decade: B & B Pawn and Gold!