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Pawn Diamond Rings

When it comes to diamonds, there’s no hiding their high cash value from the world.  It’s highly unusual to see diamonds in their free form; their primary usage as jewelry set pieces. Often, these are also composed of precious metals such as silver, gold, or platinum, boosting their cash value even higher.  The most common of these is Diamond Rings.  Given their use as engagement rings worldwide, there’s a considerable proportion of us that have one in our possession.

While also being the most valuable, they also tend to be the most sentimental items in our entire lives.  The paradox comes when we find ourselves short on cash, and the diamond ring becomes the first item of value that could solve this.  B &B Pawn and Gold would never want a loved one to have to part with such a sentimental item.  Not when you could get the cash you need from Pawning Diamond Rings.

What Does It Mean to Pawn Diamond Rings?

Pawning a diamond ring has a better, more commonly known term.  A pawn loan is the same as a collateral loan.  These are nontraditional financial instruments that use a person’s assets to determine their eligibility for a cash loan.  Unlike banks that rely on  indicators like income and credit.  What this means to our Mesa, Tempe, and Chandler customers is that they can put fast cash in their hand; all with just ownership of a diamond ring.  The value of your diamond ring directly determines the amount of your pawn loan; this is completed in a mere matter of minutes.

Terms of A Pawn Loan

A pawn loan is also unique in its short duration.  Arizona law requires all pawn loans, even when pawning diamond rings, are written out for 90 full days.  There’s absolutely no penalty for individuals who want to repay the loan early in this period.  Just pay the accrued interest and principal amount loaned to you.  What’s also important to note is that throughout the entirety of your pawn loan your diamond ring goes untouched and sits protected in our safe, secured, and insured vault.  You receive your diamond ring back, as soon as the loan is satisfied.

Valuing Your Diamond Rings

Every associate you’ll find at our Mesa pawn shop has been buying, selling, and pawning diamond jewelry/diamond rings for well over a decade.  On top of this vast experience, they have all taken a rigorous course specifically about diamond grading.  This class teaches them all of its intricacies and focuses on the Four C’s of a diamond: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat.  There should be no doubt in our customer’s mind that B & B Pawn and Gold pays the highest on diamond ring loans throughout the East Valley.

Any Final Thoughts?

As a last note, if your diamond ring is with something like platinum or gold; it will increase the value substantially.  To make sure our customers are getting every dollar they deserve, we value the diamond ring and gold/platinum separately.  After that, we then combine their benefits to give you your pawn loan quote.  We’re all about being fair to our customers, and maximizing their take-home cash is a piece of that.