Mesa is special to a lot of people in the Valley. This East Valley city has a huge rural atmosphere, despite being a part of a metropolitan area. It signifies what’s known as the “East Valley” to most residents. It also houses some of the most unique attractions and businesses so far, and B&B Pawn and Gold is one of these great businesses.  Offering so many different services, we’ve become an integral part of the city of Mesa as we’ve put ourselves into every industry here.  We want to help our customers in every single possible way which means we need to have our hands in every cookie jar.  As the premier pawn shop in Mesa, we live to serve and to help our customers when they’re in need as a donation to this great community.

Mesa’s History and B&B’s Place in it

B&B, as a pawn shop in the East Valley, may have been in business for over a decade, but the this city has a rich history dating back TWO MILLENNIA! From the initial settlers of the Hohokam’s (The Departed Ones’) creation of the Canal Systems, this city has seen major changes in its entirety. Centuries later, this land also became the second home of the Mormon faith, christened Mesa City, when the early settlers made their home atop the mesa that oversaw the northern section of the city in the Present-Day. Finally, thanks to modernization and tourism…and a few golf courses…Mesa has become the breathtaking rural haven of the Valley and even gained popularity as a tourist attraction for Snowbirds in the Wintertime.

Businesses in Mesa

Some of the more common businesses in Mesa are a part of the Banner Health System of services. While others gained employment in the Mesa Public School System or work for Boeing at the Boeing Manufacturing Plant. B&B Pawn and Gold is proud to be one of the local businesses that is a part of the city.  Don’t underestimate how large the city of Mesa actually is.  It’s the home of small businesses, with great food, great shopping, and a booming downtown Mesa area.  There’s everything you need and more in the great city of Mesa, including our premier pawn shop B & B Pawn and Gold.

A Natural Place to Feel at Home

Most of the Valley has an upscale or urban feel to it and how residents live. On the other hand, this city is more rural and a sense of ‘coming home’ about it. Because of this, the East Valley has its majority of residents in this city. That’s why it’s the Valley’s second largest city (Third overall in the State, behind Phoenix and Tucson respectively). As such, B&B Pawn and Gold wants to be a home away from home.  With the diversity that Mesa has to offer, it’s a true home.  There’s a little slice of heaven for anyone and everyone in Mesa, and B & B embraces their hometown with arms wide open.