Get a Title Loan While in the Neighborhood in Mesa

Ever thought of ways of getting more cash in your wallet? Looking for a place that does this near your Mesa neighborhood? Well, you’re in luck! B & B Pawn and Gold is one such pawn shop nearby your neighborhood that is here for you!

How does B & B offer Title Loans in Mesa?

We’re glad you asked! The secret to our success is that we have a great partnership with the title loan company: Phoenix Title Loans, LLC. This company has a great reputation in Mesa and the Valley at large; that’s why we partnered with them. Their expertise gives them the ability to give customers the most loan-to-value in title loans. They also have great refinancing options as well as ways to help out by buying competitor title loans.

What makes B & B stand out?

Our understanding of the community at large makes us better qualified to get customers the money they need. It also happens to be we hire locally, since we’re a local business. This gives us certain perks that national pawn shop companies don’t have: for instance, we offer more flexibility on paying back a pawn loan or even offer deals on items we have in our store! Come see for yourself the great many goods we have from our humble business. We have used electronics ranging from Flat-screen HDTVs, computers, tablets, phones, gaming consoles and more. We also offer jewelry for sale as well as provide pawn loans for jewelry. Two of the many features provided here at B&B.

Finally, time has been favorable to us in that we’ve been in business for over the past decade. This has given us a distinct lay of the land, knowing what customers need when they need it. Also, should we happen to be out of reach for title loans, our partner Phoenix Title Loans has locations throughout the Valley to suit your needs.

Summertime is back again!

Anyone that knows what summertime is like in the Valley of the Sun see the challenges that lie in wait. They also see the fun events to enjoy; going to Splashland, or the beach, or visiting family and travel abroad. Long story short, you’re gonna need some cash to make it happen. That’s where B&B comes in.

How does a Pawn Shop help in the Summertime?

Beside being a place of shelter from the heat, B & B is a pawn shop that can offer pawn loans to items customers own. For example, if you own gold jewelry, we have a loan for that. If you own a desktop, laptop, or any high end electronics, we have a loan for that. Finally, if you own a vehicle, we have a title loan for that thanks to our partners of Phoenix Title Loans.

How does a Pawn Loan work?

The process is simple: First, have an item in well-kept condition that may possess a significant loan-to-value. What that means is find something that might be worth something in cash. Also consider you’re going to a pawn shop; in most cases, pawnshops like us prefer items that we know that have some form of loan-to-value. If you have concerns as to what they are, please contact us prior to arrival. Second, once you have that item, visit us here in the store. We’ll offer a pawn loan amount in cash. If you are happy with our offer, we’ll hand you the cash in minutes…after some paperwork first.

What can you do with the money?

In this summertime, the sky’s the limit! Just think: you can use this to go to places like Sunsplash. You can also take roadtrips to Flagstaff or even to Baja California. You can even just take the money, save up for a rainy day of Netflix and just relax on a well-made Staycation! You can even use the money to pay off any debt you may owe, so it’s up to you on how you use the money.

So why go to B & B Pawn for the Summertime?

As always, B&B Pawn and Gold is a pawn shop that serves the Valley of the Sun. We continue to work with our customers by providing the best sales you need. If you needed great items at solid discounts, we’re the top choice to make. We cover all residents in Mesa, so don’t feel like your out of reach. Stop by today and get the money you deserve!